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In queste ultime settimane la scena underground si è risvegliata dal suo torpore, abbiamo visto il rilascio da parte del team Rebug del 4.11 Spoof che dava la possibilità di tornare on-line con un CFW, il PS3usercheat PKG e il fuckPSN, poteva mancare all'appello il team di DemonHades con un nuovo scoppiettante annuncio? 

Il famoso team che ha dato alla luce il poco usato JFW 3.56 avrebbe intenzione di creare un nuovo Custom Firmware basato sul3.55 introducendo la maggior parte del plug-in come Preloader, Service Packs e molto altro presenti al momento sulla versione 3.56. 


Per il momento purtroppo non si conosce ancora una possibile data di rilascio del nuovo JBM, non ci resta che attendere e vedere un po’ cosa succederà! 


Di seguito la dichiarazione pubblicata sul sito di DemonHades.

Hello friends first of all like demons to thank you for trusting in JFW356MA as custom of your ps3, as you well know the ps3 scene is going through difficult times because of the dominance of DRM dongles, these dongles are set to 355, for structure and kernel.

As you know many of you in MA you have had problems when running certain applications mainly due to this reason which we have all we can to resolve, but we are aware that this balance in trying to adapt all our MA giving us more work to realization of new and abundant applications for JFW.

We have been thinking about these obstacles in which we double slaughter, we play in making new things and other things that appear in portage other devs submitting to more pressure and therefore more cramped.

As happened a few days with the PSN and spoof, had it not been for that we have been watching Black ubiesemos us as if other custom could, and I as a responsible community dh I can not want it to happen.

Yesterday was published the USERCHEAT, which only works on FW 355 canceled leaving us because we have to be 2 things again, and which work for portearlo takes time and patience ... and that is not profitable .. .

PUP reinstall either, nor recasar readers etc ... making a calculation are more impediments to improvements in the 356.

And I ****ing have to be me who has to say this, but in statistical framework and the 356 gives us more problems when it comes to offer diversity in short-term progress.

So the thing is so, it will create the JBM355 with all the best with the 356MA, thegrid, preloader, service packs, plugins, etc. and so and you will not be canceled and which will stay at ease and can focus solely on the accomplishment of tasks for JFW and no more ports.

If the TB, COBRA or other drops will be the first to have the 355 and that does not forgive me dejandos without the possibility of having the same or more.

So the thing is so, we will make a collective downgrade JBM355 cease to provide support to 356MA, waiting for so more people can know our fantastic custom and is much easier to return to another 355 by a pup.

I know this is not going to like some people, but if you read carefully will know the reason for this decision, because it is better to change the direction that never crash and demons

But I want to thank everyone who every day have been helping and giving their ps3, as kike, kiki, maki, Cheko, alvaro and of course the devs that created without rokiski MA, JaiCraB, blipi, and I blackdeath what little they could do but at heart would not be possible to have everything we have in MA, so I want to thank them.

1saludo and look forward to all your support for me and the team that formed the JFW we will continue to bring you many new things cane but this time in the JBM355

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